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I, Frankenstein is not what I expected

I, frenkenstein 2014

I was waiting for this movie from the time of watching its trailer. It seemed interesting to me but now after its release it is not what I expected.

It got too much critics from all of the people who were waiting to watch this. I am not only one who thinks this is not what we've expected from this movie. Rottentomatoes gave it only 5% rating (based on reviews).

Summary of I, Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein animates dead corpse and brings it back to life but then reject this creature and monster he created, kills Victor's wife. Victor follow the creature for revenge to the arctic but dies because of cold. Frankenstein's creature gets attacked by demons who want his body because they think he doesn't have soul and descended demons can possess such bodies. Gargoyles save this creature and bring him to the gargoyle's queen. She gives him name Adam.

Adam tries to go away from both demons and gargoyles but in modern age he comes back to fight with demons and finds out why they wanted from him. He founds they have thousands of corpses and the want to animate them, if they get to know how to reanimate dead corpses they will bring hell to the earth.

There is more to it but this is only a summary for what is going on in this movie.

Why I don't like I, Frenkenstein?

Story seems attractive but movie is not that much. I don't like this movie because it resembles a lot to the Underworld, legion, Gabriel and some others. You'll find your own reasons why you should like this movie or not.

This was first post in entertainment category and there is lot more ahead, so, stay tuned.