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Why stars twinkle and why they are only visible at night?

Why stars twinkle and whey are they visible at night only?

Did you ever try to think why stars twinkle and also whey they are only visible at night? If yes then I think you might come up with some interesting answers.

I got some interesting answers for these two questions too and both have one thing in common which is responsible for their effects, it is Earth's atmosphere.

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Why stars twinkle?

In reality stars don't twinkle. It is Earth's atmosphere that makes you see they are twinkling. Light of stars reach us after passing through many layers of Earth's atmosphere. Earth releases heat which causes the disturbance in visibility of those stars making them look twinkling. Also, light gets refracted when it enters different layers and it can also be the reason for twinkling of stars.

Why we can only see stars at night?

Stars don't go anywhere during daytime, they remain present in space and we cannot see them because of our earth's atmosphere and bright light of the sun. Blue sky that we can see in the daytime is because of earth's atmosphere. With the help of some powerful telescopes we can still see some bright stars but without these telescopes we cannot see stars which are not brighter than Sun and I don't think there is a star which is brighter than our sun and have less distance between earth and itself as compared to distance between Sun and Earth.

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You can take an example of a bright light in front of you and some less bright lights behind the bright one. You would not be able to see the less bright lights behind the bright light.

Sometimes it is possible to see some other planets during daytime e.g. Jupiter and mars etc. when sky is completely clear.

Cover image source: ESA/Hubble (Public Domain)