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Twitter has announced photo tagging. Here is how to opt out?

Twitter has announced new photo tagging feature to make photo sharing more fun. Like Facebook you will be able to upload photos of your friends and tag them, but Twitter will allow you to tag only 10 users. The person tagged in the photo will receive notification.

How to opt out?

Twitter cards opt out

Twitter allows you to control, who can tag you in photos. In your account settings you can select any of these three options to control tagging:

  1. Allow anyone to tag me in photos
  2. Only allow people I follow to tag me in photos
  3. Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos

You can find these options under privacy section from Security and Privacy settings. To opt out completley you can select third option from there.

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Upload multiple images

Twitter has also announced another feature which will allow its users to upload multiple images (4 maximum per tweet).

You'll soon get this multiple image uploading feature in your Twitter account.

For more information about these two updates have a look on Twitter's blog post.