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How to write symbols or words of other languages not available on your keyboard

There are lots of symbols (alpha, beta, gamma, degree …) which don’t have buttons on your keyboard but you can still use them in documents or anywhere you want.

Different OS have different built-in tools for adding such symbols. In Windows and Linux there is tool for adding symbols, named as Character Map. Tool with similar functionality in Mac OS is named as Special Character Viewer. Here is how to access them in different Operating systems.

Adding symbols in Windows

Click on start button and go to Accessories and then System tools folder. You’ll find Character Map tool over there. You can also search for it from the search field.

How to use it?

Search for symbol you want to use and double click on that. After giving that word double-click it’ll be available in field at bottom.

When symbols you want are in the field at bottom then click on copy button to copy characters in field to clipboard and paste those symbols wherever you want to use them.

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Adding symbols in Linux

Gnome users:
Fire up terminal and write Gucharmap and hit enter or you can also access it from applications > accessories > Character Map.

KDE users:
Terminal command for KDE users is KCharSelect to open Character Map.

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Adding symbols in OS X

From Apple menu > System Preferences, click on language & text and then Input Sources. Select the Keyboard & Character Viewer checkbox. View more details for Mac OS X users