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Find out the IP addresses of websites with Command Prompt

Maybe you are familiar with IP addresses because your internet provider provides you an IP address which goes everywhere with you while you are browsing or downloading anything. You can find your IP address easily but what if you want to find out the IP address of the website you are visiting?

How to find out IP of websites?

You can also find the IP addresses of websites using CMD which is already present in your Windows. One best way is to ping the website to get its IP address. There is also another way which uses nslookup tool and nslookup is also preinstalled in your Windows.

Through ping

Find out the IP of websites with CMD.

Open CMD (command prompt) and type ping to find out its IP address.

Find out the IP of websites with command promt.
IP address though ping

By nslookup

Nslookup tool can be accessed in two ways in windows.


find out ip address of the website with nslookup

In windows 7, click on start button and type nslookup and press enter. (You can also type nslookup in run dialogue)

find IP address with cmd in windows. nslookup

Now type the web address and let this tool find out IP addresses for you.


Find the IP addresses of the websites with nslookup and cmd.

nslookup can also be accessed through CMD. In CMD type nslookup and you'll get IP address of the servers on which this web is being hosted.

nslookup sometimes shows more than one IP address; it shows the IP addresses of the servers on which website is being hosted.

At this time Google can be accessed using any of the IP addresses from screenshots above. Note: Not all websites can be viewed with their IP addresses.