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How Firefox protects your passwords, saved with its password manager?

How firefox protects your password?

Firefox gives you option to setup a master password to make your passwords (stored in its password manager) secure from others who have access to your computer. In recent post, I talked about the protection that chrome provides for passwords stored by its password manager while this post is focusing on Firefox's. [You might also light: How chrome protects you passwords?]

There is no way to setup custom master password in Google chrome like you can in Firefox. Google chrome uses Windows user password if switched on while Firefox gives you option to setup custom password which can be anything you want and does not depend on any other password. If you setup custom password in Firefox then you'll be able to view passwords only after typing the master password in.

How to setup master password in Firefox?

How to setup master password for firefox password manager?

It is much easier that anyone can imagine. Just click on Firefox button (to bring out menu) and click on options.

how to setup master password protection for firefox?

Click on the security tab and from passwords section click on "Use a master password". A box will popup automatically asking you to enter password. (If you want to change existing password, you can click on "Change Master password.")

If you've removed master password or never used before then you'll have to leave "current password" field empty and fill out next password fields and click OK. You'll receive confirmatory success message and you are ready to save your passwords in Firefox.

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Chrome VS Firefox (password managers) which is secure?

In my opinion Firefox's password manager is more secure than Chrome's because if someone knows your User logon password he'll be able to view your passwords in Chrome while master password of Firefox's password does not depend on other passwords, so you are good to go with it. I am fan of both, so I hope Chrome will soon get this feature.