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Application with brilliant interface and features for managing your Twitter accounts

Maybe you've heard of Tweetdeck, if not let's talk about it.

tweetdeck, a better application for managing twitter accounts.

Twitterdeck is an application that can help you to manage your twitter accounts in better way. It allows multiple accounts and customizable columns so you can adjust it as you like.

Different columns are allowed by tweetdeck for customized experience.

Each column can have different stuff e.g. activity, mentions or notifications etc.

It shows everything in real-time, so you can sit back and keep staring at the screen for new tweets and other stuff.

You can get tweetdeck for Windows PC or for Mac. It is also available as Google chrome's app and you can use it on web too (web version).

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Tweetdeck allows you to schedule tweets

Yes! It allows you to schedule tweets. This feature is my favorite and you can say I am using tweetdeck because of this reason. There are some other features making me crazy about tweetdeck but this one is most prominent.

I hope you'll like this Twitter app for better experience if you haven't used it already.