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Free alarm clock for your PC

free alarm clock for pc
Mostly everyone forget about different works while using their Computer. They mostly forget that they were going out for some work at specific time or they have to do another work. This mostly happens when you are using Facebook or some other thing that attracts you. My friends and some cousins usually forget everything about other things while they are using Facebook. I decided to share this software with them if they want to decrease their Facebook usage.

Free Alarm Clock:

This allows you to set as many alarm as you want. If you want an alarm to ring everyday you can select repeating alarms. But if you want to have alarm on some selected days then this is also suitable for you because you can choose different days for alarm to work on those days only and not all the week.
You can give your alarm a specific label so that you can remember what you were planning. If you want to show more details then you can do that also. (Read also: Use Google Search as timer)
You can set alarm tunes or music according to your taste. It includes some default tunes but you can also use your own tunes or any MP3 file. As you can select MP3 files so then you can get entertainment doze after specified interval. You can use it to start any song automatically at time that you want.
This software can wake your computer up if it is in sleep mode to inform you that this is your specified alarm time. Sometimes you have to decrease volume of your PC from your windows volume controller and forget about this change. But Free Alarm Clock will automatically increase volume to maximum value to make sure that you are not missing your alarm that was for something special.
For more details or downloading visit link given below. This open source program is also available as portable version so that you can use it directly without any installation.