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Kindle for PC

free kindle for pc
Amazon is among largest companies which allow you to buy or sell your stuff online. Amazon also contains more than one million books that you can buy or there are some free books too. Most books are for kindle.

What is Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book reader that was produced by Amazon itself. Using Kindle users can shop, download, read e-books, magazines and other digital media using wireless technology.

Kindle for PC:

Now Amazon allows users to have this Kindle experience using their PC. They are giving this software Kindle for PC for free. Now you can access books for kindle from your PC without any kindle device. This is great software because it allows you to read books that were accessible from a kindle device some time ago. This is best for those who love studying books online.

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Alternatively you can also use Kindle cloud Reader if you don’t want to use Kindle for PC. This will help you to read your eBooks using your browser. This is available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
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Features according to official website:

This app automatically synchronizes your books with other apps and let you read book from same page from where you left using some other device. If you left reading a book from your Kindle device then you can read book from that page using your Kindle app installed in your PC.
Kindle for PC include built-in words look-up, you can use this for finding definitions of words without interrupting your reading.
You can use search function to search for words, topic or what section you want of book. You can organize your books into various collections using Kindle app for PC so that you can access them whenever you want without any headache. You can use it to read e-Textbooks so that you don’t have to carry heavy books. You can normally add bookmarks or you can highlight text that you want.