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Best free Antivirus

Best free Antivirus for pc
Antivirus programs are very essential for your PC or any device because without antivirus your device may get viruses that can destroy your OS or viruses can delete your files. World Wide Web (WWW) is full of viruses and antivirus programs are only way to make your presence secure.

I am going to mention three best free antivirus programs. I used them so I am recommending them to you. You can install any of your choice but Avast, AntiVir and AVG are my favorite one, I used Avast for long time.
  1. Avast! Free Antivirus
  2. AntiVir Personal
  3. AVG Free Edition
So according to sequence let’s talk about Avast! Antivirus.

Avast! Free Antivirus:

Best free Antivirus
Its free version is totally free for non-commercial and personal use. They are well known because of their good protection.
Some good features:

  • It will protect your PC from viruses that may attack from website by its Web Shield.
  • You don’t need to install some anti-spyware because Avast! Free Antivirus got built-in anti-spyware for your protection.
  • Its virus databases will update automatically without interference and will notify you when it is updated.
  • It got strong self protection that will make sure no virus can switch it off. Mostly viruses try to switch off antivirus and then attack on your files or PC etc.
  • You can scan files simply from right click menu.
  • It have network shield that will protect you when someone try to attack your PC from network. For example if you are using public network for connecting to world then you are not only using that network. So among those people using same network someone may try to attack your device.
  • It will protect your PC if you are using instant messaging services. For example if you are using yahoo then someone may send you a file containing viruses or something else etc.

AntiVir Personal:

Best free Antivirus
This antivirus is also among best antivirus programs and with some extra features than Avast.
Some best features:

  • It can remove more than 150,000 viruses. I think they got all viruses. It means it can remove each and every type of virus.
  • It has virus guard that can handle downloading of data from internet.
  • It can Scan and repair macro viruses. (Viruses written in macro languages usually as attachments of emails)
  • It can protect viruses that may get in your PC through websites.
  • It also got Antispyware protection.
  • They will provide you a simple wizard that could be used to update it.
  • One more protection is for boot record viruses.
  • It got too much features with it and you can visit its website for more information on it.

AVG Free Edition:

Best free Antivirus
This is also among best antivirus and anti-spyware that you can get for free. Its free edition is totally free but for only personal or non-commercial use.
Some features:

  • Best for those who use internet mostly because it can scan links when you are about to click them. This provides Real-Time safe internet surfing.
  • Its free version include less features then avast and avira antivirus. But this is not bad because it can give you secure internet browsing and can detect and delete viruses in your PC.


UnThreat Antivirus:

This is available as free and pro versions. You can use free version for personal use and if you want maximum security then buy pro version.
Some features:
  • Block websites containing viruses in them by scanning their scripts.
  • Built-in spyware protection so you don’t need to install any antispyware.
  • Protect you from viruses in attachments of emails by scanning them.
  • Active protection keeps track of processes and notifies you when it gets any suspicious process or file.
  • It automatically update its virus signature databases to make sure you are protected from every kind of viruses.