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Change desktop wallpapers automatically in Windows XP

You may have noticed that in Windows 7 you have option to get your desktop wallpaper changed automatically after specified time. You can make Windows XP to do this automatically. Means you can change desktop wallpapers of Windows XP automatically. Only the thing you need is software that can do this for you. You can get software in large amount that can change wallpapers automatically. Some open source software with little details are given below.

Wallpaper Master:

This is available as freeware and also as professional version. Free version is recommended one because you can get almost all things you need. Freeware version allows you to setup 5,000 images in a category. You can also rate images so that images with good rate should be used more frequently. This allows you to change any wallpaper with a shortcut key so that you can change images when you want. You can choose time interval to change images automatically after specified time interval.

Wallpaper Cycler lite:

This is also good wallpaper changer with some different features. This allows you to change wallpapers on start-up  This also allows you to automatically shutdown your computer. To include images in it you have to make categories and then link those categories to folders containing images. You can set position according to your taste and nature of picture size i.e tile, stretched, center or whatever you want. This uses low resources of your computer and this does not change background when your system usage is very high. This also allows you to rotate wallpapers automatically. But there are certain restrictions in this free version because this is also available as pro version too.

EvJO wallpaper changer:

This is a really good one and also support flickr (have a look on Jon's Background Switcher below if you want images from some other online sources). It allows you to change wallpapers automatically at sunset, sunrise or after specific time interval. You can get calendar or logo of your company on your desktop so that your computer desktop looks better or professional. You can configure it to change wallpapers randomly. This allows you to select position of wallpaper for all wallpapers and not for single file. You can not set position of individual picture. Positions available for photos are tile, stretch, center ... etc

MuralPix Manager:

It is easy to use because you have to configure it only once after installing it. You have to tell this software where that folder is containing images that you want to use on your desktop background. One more thing this only works for windows 98 to XP. It will automatically detect when you add more image files in your selected folder or rename any file. It allows you to put calendar on your desktop and you can also choose frame that is used around your picture so that you can put your icons over there. This frame automatically detects the color of your image and gets suitable color for that image so that it may look pretty and not ugly.
You can set this program to change wallpaper automatically after midnight, after your computer is restarted and after specific time intervals.

Jon’s Background Switcher:

I think this is good one because if you want to have pictures from web, you can get those to your desktop background. You can select folder containing pictures you want on your desktop or there are some other resources for images. You can use your Flickr photos in this and get those as your desktop backgrounds. You can get pictures from some other websites like Facebook, Instagram and some others. Best thing of this software is that you can get pictures directly from Google images and you know almost every picture in world is present on Google Images.


This is an improvement to Jon’s Background switcher. This is almost similar in look to that of Jon’s Background Switcher. This supports Win32, Mac OS X and Linux.

I hope this helped.