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Secure your accounts over social networks

Social networks
Few days ago I was searching for something over Google and found that a person from U.S.A transferred money from bank account of his neighbor. He used information from victim's Facebook profile to get access to his bank account. He was not so lucky to escape; his act has sent him to prison.
So I decided to share some information with you so that you can make your information and accounts secure. Every social network allows you to hide any sensitive information that you don’t want to show to others.

In Facebook you can hide everything related to your profile. You can make your information available to your friends only or what you want. You have different options for your privacy.

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Secure your email:

Secure that email address you are using with social networks. You must have two email addresses so that you can use one when you want to communicate with other (sending emails) and other for social networks and do not let anyone know about your email address that you are using with social networks.
By default Facebook doesn’t hide your email; it is visible to everyone visiting your profile. You should make it private by changing its privacy settings to only me.

Make your password difficult to guess:

Mostly people use single password with all networks so that they can remember that single password easily. Don’t use same password on your all accounts because in this way if someone guesses your one password can access all of your accounts. You can remember different passwords, this is not so difficult. Make a text file and type names of services and passwords or their hints below those. After making file compress it using winrar and apply password. Windows have built-in .zip file creator, you can use that to make a zipped folder and put your file in that and apply password. Now you don’t have to remember different passwords because now you have to remember only one password and you can get other passwords from file in zipped folder. Use uppercase and lowercase letters and digits in order to make your password difficult to guess.

Security questions:

Try to add security questions that no one can guess and if someone asks you about some information that resembles with your security questions then don’t tell him. Some may ask you who is your favorite uncle and you have this as security question on your account then think twice about questions asked by anyone before answering such questions.
At least you have to answer two security questions. So, type answer of first question in place of second and answer of second in place of first. In this way you can remember both answers but no one can guess because your answer is not related to your question.

Connect mobile:

You can connect your mobile number so that whenever you lose access to your account you can use your mobile number to get your account back. Nowadays you have option to make networks send you special code to you cell no. that you can use to log in. If you enable this no one can access your account because someone may have your password but he can’t have your cell phone.