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How to recover files from corrupted CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs

recover files from corrupted discs
You may have some important CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs with important data. But you can loose that if you got scratches on your disc. You can get scratches over your disc while using it. You cannot remove scratches from the surface of the disc. There are some ways but those may cause some data loss too. What if you have your disc with cracks? You cannot recover those cracks and there is no such thing that can get your disc in previous condition.

So if you got some of your disc corrupted, you got cracks on your disc or you got too many scratches over your disc then you should throw that disc after your data is recovered using software I am going to discuss about. I got software that can recover files from corrupted or cracked discs. I thought you should try this one and maybe you need this. Name of that software is CD Recovery Toolbox and it is freeware program. So everyone can use this.

CD Recovery Toolbox:

It is useful if you want to recover your files from discs and its interface is user friendly. You can easily operate it due to step by step wizard. It scans for all files and folders inside CD/DVD/Blu-Ray that can be recovered also keep in mind if you got your disc cracked then you may not get all files back but something is better than nothing. You can select what files or folders you want to recover from disc. It will only recover specified files or folders and will neglect others. Let me tell you a good thing that it can recover files larger than 4 GB. Download this software from below Button.


Insert disc from which you want to recover files. After starting wizard you’ll see your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive there.
recover files from corrupter discs

- Select your drive and click Next.
- On next screen you can select folder where you want to save recovered files and then press next.
Recover files from corrupted CD, DVD or Blu-Ray

- Now select files you want to recover from the disc. You can recover whole disc but it may take time. After checking on files that you want to recover click on save.
recover files from corrupted discs

- After recovery of files you’ll see a box with information of recovered files.
recover files from corrupted discs
I hope this may help for getting your data back from your discs.
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