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How to use Skydrive (backup files easily)

backup data online using skydrive
I mentioned before to frequently backup files important to you. You can use SkyDrive to upload your files for making their back up online and it is also useful to share files with your friends (You can keep them private too). Today I am going to tell you how you can use Skydrive powered by Microsoft to backup your files easily so that you can use them after system or hard drive crash etc.
If you have hotmail account and you are logged in then visit to get started. If you don’t have account then make one with them.
If you are not logged in to your account then you may see screen like shown below.
tutorial on how to use skydrive

After logging in you’ll see your folders in which you can upload your files or you can make new folders.
Tutorial on how to use SkyDrive

SkyDrive allows creation of some office documents online and storing them in its storage space and it is giving 7 GB of free storage space that is enough for your important files.
Tutorial on how to use SkyDrive

You can also download SkyDrive App for your computer to work more easily.
In a folder click on upload and locate file from your computer’s hard drive to upload it to SkyDrive.
Tutorial on how to use SkyDrive

When upload is started you’ll see an uploading box with status at right bottom and after upload is completed you’ll get your file in specified folder.
Tutorial on how to use SkyDrive