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18 Freeware Image editors and creators (Photoshop Alternatives)

free adobe photoshop alternatives for editing or creating images

Adobe   Photoshop    is    well-known all    over    the    world. But some people    just want slight customization    to    their pictures or     want to make some painting. Adobe Photoshop    costs       about $600+ for   one copy and this is not     recommended for   such people   to buy this   for only    basic   editing. So    these people   will try to find some    alternatives to   this. I got some    enhanced      alternatives  that you  can   use   for editing  your pictures.
As I told you that every good thing is not free in my previous post (free alternatives to IDM) but there are some freeware alternatives that can provide you better features than paid programs. Look below for alternatives.

1 - Gimps: (Mac, Windows and Linux)


I think this is best alternative to Adobe Photoshop and it gives you approximately similar features to that of Photoshop. It have some plug-in that can change its look and make its interface similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. It is most popular freeware alternative to Photoshop. Give this a try.
If you don’t like this one then let’s have a look on some more freeware alternatives for Adobe Photoshop.

2 - (Windows)


Freeware image editing alternatives which can get you unlimited undo feature. It got some special effects and support layers.
I am not going to describe every in detail because I don’t want to make this discussion too much lengthy.

3 - Adobe Photoshop Express: (online, iPhone, iPad and android)

This is produced and is given for free from Adobe itself. It is online editor and is good alternative to Photoshop for some basic editing. It secures your images by making their backup. It gives you 2GB of free space.

4 - Photoscape: (Windows)


Freeware program with high quality features. It can create animated .gif images. It can search similar Faces on the internet. You can track your face to see your photos are secure online. For more features have visit to its official website.

5 - Pinta: (Windows, Mac and Windows)


You can use this one to draw paintings. This was made after Paint.NET because paint.NET was for only windows but this is for users of Mac, Linux and Windows. Visit its website for more information.

6 - Inkscape: (Linux, Mac and Windows)


It is open source and similar to Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator etc.

7 - Raw Therapee for Windows: (Mac, Linux and Windows)


It is high quality, efficient, free and versatile. It is really open source because it allows developers to download its source and make what is on their mind.

8 - Seashore: (Mac)


It allows transparency and transparency in gradients. Plug-in filter effects and it gives you selection tool also known as lasso tool. Individual editing of layer channels and support almost all basic image file formats.

9 - Krita: (Windows and Linux)


It is useful for sketching and painting and it is based on Calligra Technology.

10 - Xara Xtreme:
Visit above links to get required program for you.

11 - PhotoPlus: (Windows)

It allows good editing of photos and it could be used to create some web animations.

12 - Photo filter studio:


It is a program that allows you retouching images completely. It got lots of filters for adjusting your pictures.

13 - Artweaver: (Windows)


This is not that software that can allow you to edit your images like Photoshop but you can use this one for creating creative paintings.
14 - Zoner Photo Studio: (Windows)

Zoner Photo Studio could be used as viewer and image organizer. It is first image organizer that has support for GPS and 3D technologies. This is free for personal use only.

15 - Pixlr-o-matic: (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Andriod and online editor)


It allows you to edit your photos from your image gallery or you can capture new image using Pixlr-o-matic from camera of your device.

16 - Pixlr:


It is an online image editor and support up to 23 languages. If you want to use this than make sure you have Flash player. It works online in your browser. You can upload your images and edit them online. If you have picture on some other website then give it link to your picture and let it to fetch it for you. Its interface is similar to Photoshop.

17 - GimPhoto: (Windows and Linux)


Support windows and Linux and it is freeware program with similar interface to that of Photoshop.

18 - Graphic Converter: (Mac)


Allow little customization to images but you can convert image to many different formats.

If there is any error in this or you know some more alternatives then tell me through comments.