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Make backup of your Windows drivers

In some computers you have to install drivers for proper working of your hardware. Drivers are very important if you want to get benefit of your PC.

What are drivers?

Drivers are software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or any portable device. If you install new hardware like VGA card then you have to install drivers given with that to make sure your new hardware is working with full potential.
Some drivers automatically install themselves i.e. when you connect any flash drive to USB port on your PC you don’t have to install drivers.

Viruses are all over the World Wide Web so you have to protect your device from viruses. But some viruses are not even detected by antivirus programs. So it means you can get viruses in your system and viruses can destroy your data and Operating System. Try to make backup of your important files so you can get them from backup after some system crash.
In same way you can also make backup of drivers for quick installation of drivers after getting new operating system. This is very useful because you can make backup of your drivers and you can restore them with single action. So now you don’t have to search for your PC drivers again and again. Download and install drivers you want in your windows. After installing drivers in your OS make a backup of your drivers so that you can use that backup if your re-install OS.

Backup of drivers generated on XP will not work on 7 or any other.

How To?

You can make backup of drivers using different programs and most of them are free. One of them is Double Driver. Just have a visit to website of Double Driver and download it from there. It is portable software so you don’t have to install it. After downloading extract it and open double driver from its icon.

Make backup:

  • After opening Double Driver click on backup on top menu.
  • Click on Scan current system to get list of drivers installed.
  • Select drivers and click on Backup Now.
When you’ll click on Backup Now it will show you a box with some options:
  • Structured folder
  • Compressed Folder
  • Single file self extract
Choose any of these to make backup. But you've to remember what you did because this is also required for restoring.


  • Install drivers after installing new OS using below steps if you had made backup earlier.
  • Open Double Driver and click on Restore on top menu.
  • Click on locate Backup on bottom.
After this you’ll get a box asking for options that you selected while making backup.
  • Select appropriate option and locate your backup.
  • After locating press OK for drivers to install.
  • After completing this process restart your computer to have your drivers in working condition.