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Copy or move files quickly

copy or move files quickly
You can copy files simply in windows by making a right click on it and then on copy/cut and then paste where you want. But you cannot expect it to complete this quickly. You can manage to copy small files that can take maximum of 10 minutes. But when you need to copy your whole hard drive or 30 GB of data then what? It can take several hours to complete. If some error causes your computer to stop this coping process then you have to start coping or moving process from beginning.

I made this post to let you know how you can copy or move your files in fastest way. This could be done only with some 3rd party programs because there is no way my opinion to configure windows to make copy quickly.
Some popular software for this purpose are given below with little details.

Fast Copy:

This comes with as executable file and you have to make only some clicks to copy or move your files from one drive to other. It also allows you to delete files securely and can help in quick synchronization. If a file already exists in folder where you are going to move this file then Fast Copy will replace that file with new file.

Kill Copy:

In my opinion this is best because this will restore coping process after some system crash. If you install this one you’ll lose windows default copy explorer. But you’ll get more features then windows copy explorer. You can adjust speed according to your need. You can change buffer size to large value if you want copy process to complete quickly but you must have enough ram for this purpose. You can make Kill Copy to shutdown your PC if after completing copy process.


This is another good program for coping files quickly. It also allows you to pause, resume and stop functions. You can also increase its speed and can control buffer size.


Another program that can speed up your coping process is NiceCopier. It will replace windows explorer files (you will lose default windows copy explorer). But this will install lots of best features like pause and resume etc. Its best thing is that you don’t have to select speed it will automatically choose best speed for you.


This is another famous tool to copy files quickly and securely. It adds itself to context menu and it can replace default program for coping or moving files in windows. This can adjust copy speed and buffer size automatically so you get best performance. It also allow pause and resume function. It will try to recover file lost due to some error during copy process.

I hope this helped and let me know if you know some other better than these.