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Free Internet download manager (IDM) alternatives

internet download manager alternatives
IDM (Internet download manager) is one of the worlds most popular download manager. It can suck all available bandwidth. If you are using internet explorer then you may have noticed that if you download anything using internet explorer, it will only give you limited speed. For example if you have 100kbps downloading speed, internet explorer will not get all of the available speed. Chrome is little better than IE because it can suck a little more speed. But it is of no match for Internet download manager. IDM can suck all of your available downloading speed. You can set speed limit if you are downloading more than one files in IDM. But as every good thing is not for free so it is also only for 30 days trial. After 30 days you have to buy license if you want to use it continuously. But if you don't want to pay for this then don’t be sad as there are also some good alternatives to this software with some extra features.

These alternatives also give you same downloading speed because they are designed to compete with IDM and to get all of your downloading speed for downloading files quickly.

Free download manager:

This is an awesome alternative to Internet Download Manager and it also supports Bit Torrent so you can download those using this download manager too.

  • Internet download manager only allow you to speed up downloads and not uploads but this do. You can accelerate uploads too using this software.
  • You can use this to download video files as you can use download manager.
  • It is available as portable so you don’t have to install that version and you can use that after downloading or you can save that on your USB device and carry to what PC you want.
  • It also allows you to resume broken downloads.
  • You can adjust traffic usage so that you don’t exceed your bandwidth limit.
  • It allows you to manage downloads remotely. You can manage downloads from other device. This feature is really useful because you can setup downloads on your desktop computers at home and can manage them from other device remotely from anywhere.
  • If one file is hosted on different servers then it can download from different servers and this feature is awesome because if one server is giving less downloading speed you can get maximum speed from more than one server at same time. This feature is also not available in Internet download manager (IDM).

It is far better than that of IDM so I recommend this download manager to everyone because it contains too much better features than IDM and is available for free so you don’t have to pay.

This website is blocked in different countries so if this website is not working you can use some other sources for downloading.

Orbit Downloader:

You can use orbit downloader for downloading files from different services like MySpace, YouTube, rapishare or from any other site. It also accelerate downloading speed for downloads. You can use this to download music and videos. It can download streaming media (you can download audio or video files that are being played in your browser). Provides download, pause and resume capability.
Visit website of Orbit Downloader for downloading:

This is good alternative to Internet download manager but this is not much better than free download manager so in my opinion you should use free download manager as it have more features than that of Internet download manager.