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Open source alternatives for Microsoft Office

Microsof Office alternative
As you know Microsoft office is most popular for writing documents, spreadsheets, databases and for using it with your email service. You can write documents in .doc .txt and some other popular formats using Microsoft Office Word. If you want to make presentations then you can use PowerPoint. It is very useful and is essential for everyone but it is not free. There are some other freeware alternatives that give you services like Microsoft office without any cost. You can get too much free alternative software for Microsoft Office but I am going to tell you about some popular alternatives.

Apache OpenOffice:

Apache open office Microsoft office alternative

Apache OpenOffice is one of most popular free alternative to Microsoft Office. It is suitable for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and much more. You can get third party extensions for some more features. Its best thing is that it is free for any purpose; you can request new features and report bugs. I used this so I recommend this.


Libre office microsoft office alternative

Another good free alternative to Microsoft Office is LibreOffice. It can be used for text documents, drawing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and some others. It is available with +30 languages. You can use it on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and some others (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu etc). Just download install and start using it. It is stable because it is free for almost 20 years. If you previously used Microsoft Office then you don’t have to worry due its similar look and feel to Microsoft Office.


neo office Microsoft office alternative

NeoOffice supported for Mac OS X was created in 2003. At that time OpenOffice was not available for Mac OS X. NeoOffice almost contains all features of OpenOffice but for only Mac OS.


They are providing three different packages free, standard and professional. It is useful for writing, presentations and spreadsheet.

Some online alternatives:

Google Docs (Google Drive)
SkyDrive (by Microsoft)