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Unblock YouTube and some other websites OR surf websites securely

Unblock YouTube and surf securely.

There are many useful websites that are blocked in some countries. One example that I can give you is YouTube that is blocked in some countries. YouTube have enough useful stuff that can make a user busy for years. If you want to unblock all website like YouTube then you should download any of below software. These programs not only unblock blocked website but also give you privacy. So you can use these programs if you want to make your browsing private and secure.

Hotspot Shield:

This VPN is available for almost all devices i.e. mobile, PC & Mac etc. They claim that they give you security against some viruses too. Recently they included new feature that can track malware on websites and block websites to make you safe from any attack.
Hotspot Shield is available in two main versions. One is free with ads and other is paid version. If you want you can checkout their paid version for 7 days because they are giving free trial for paid version.
I suggest you to checkout its free version because ads are shown after you visit certain no. of pages (maybe 4 or 5). Almost all other features of paid version are included in free version but free version got ads.


This is better than hotspot shield in my opinion because it is completely free and don’t show ads while browsing. It is portable and you don’t have to install it to use it. You can carry it with you by keeping it in USB drive and you can use it with any computer through USB in which you stored it. It connects with its servers using SSL and no one can track what you are doing. According to developers of ultrasurf it is for privacy, security and freedom.
When you open it, ultrasurf automatically connects with its servers and open internet explorer for you to start browsing. You can also use other browsers to access internet and also you can deselect if you don’t want ultrasurf to open ie.
When its update is available it will ask you whether you want to download that update or not and if you click yes then it will download that update automatically in folder where its old version is placed. Close old version and delete it from the folder and start new version of ultrasurf.


It is also freeware like Ultrasurf with no ads. It is available for Windows and Android. It is also portable software. Ultrasurf and PsiPhone almost have same features.
When you open PsiPhone it connects automatically to servers with maximum speed. After it is connected to servers successfully it opens your default browser to start browsing. You can change its settings as you like.

Why to use these programs:

  • These programs hide your identity and also protect you from websites having viruses in them.
  • Unblock blocked websites.
  • These hide your IP address too.
  • Protect you when you use public network.