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Now its time to charge phones wirelessly

charge phones with induction chargers wirelessly
Technology is improving much more rapidly. These days we can access internet without any need of wire and we can also connect many gadgets with our phones/computers wirelessly (Headphones etc).
Some years ago we had to connect our charger with our phones to get them charged. But now this problem is solved too. Now phones could be charged without any wire. But you cannot charge old phones using induction chargers because they are not designed to get charged by induction chargers and this feature is not available in all new phones but maybe in future.
Nikola Tesla is the person who first time demonstrated wireless power through magnetic induction in the 1890s.
Apple, Nokia and many other companies are trying to get their brands out with induction charging option.
A couple of months ago Nokia announced induction charging in Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. They said that devices will come with wireless charging pad and to charge phone just put it on that charging pad.
Duracell Powemat started to sell wireless charging cases and mats in 2009 and owner of this company said “Phones are running out of charging faster and faster, whereas battery capacity is limited. That is not going to change.”
Induction charging is useful because by this users would be able to charge their phones without their power packs. These days to charge a phone without wire is only possible by keeping phone in special cases or on mats that are designed for them. But I think as wires vanished in same way these will vanish too and charging would be possible without any special material.