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Animals can now control computers with their brains using a wireless device

This is a 2.2 inch device created by Brown University that can track what animals think. They implanted this device in heads of a no. of pigs and monkeys. If this is a successful experiment then this is a great development for those having little mobility (Movement).
As they implanted it in monkey’s head so when monkey grab anything or move his hand they can record what is going on in his brain. This device captures neural activities while animals perform some work.
Heart of the device is pill-sized electrode chip that is implanted on cortex. Signals from neurons are sent to titanium box having processor, lithium-ion battery, wireless radio and infrared transmitter. This device is recharged through wireless induction and it consumes very small amount of power.
This device uses frequencies at 3.2 and 3.8 GHz and transmits data at 24 Mbps. It is much more complex than a peacemaker. When this device was charged monkey’s head became hot. Its creators said that this device is not being used for humans but this was built by keeping this purpose in mind not for reading animals’ brains.
Above picture is x-ray of device planted in head.