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Google Glass (Developed by Google)

Google glass developed by Google
Google glass is an augmented reality (Live, direct, indirect, view of physical or real world) computer that users can wear like goggles and it have head mounted display (Developed by Google). It is based on idea that computer and internet could be interacted from anywhere without even moving hands.

Voice commands are used for giving instructions to Google glass or a small touch sensitive pad at side could be used. It can also process some head movements. It displays data and information in Smartphone-like format. It uses Google’s android operating system.
Its frame is like simple goggles but there were no lenses in it when it was developed. According to Wikipedia maybe Google partnered with some sunglass company to get lenses in Google glass.

Some features of Google Glass:

  1. It can record whatever you see, so you don’t have to pick your camera everywhere.
  2. It can take pictures too.
  3. It can search web and put information in front of you anywhere.
  4. It can search for photos online.
  5. It can translate whatever you speak to any language.
  6. It can give directions like Google map.
  7. It can send messages for you.
  8. You can ask Google glass to display weather.
  9. You don’t have to ask anyone for flight details because you can get full details using Google glass.

Some voice commands:

For recording video
Ok, glass, record a video.
For capturing picture
Ok, glass, take a picture.
If you want to start a hangout on Google+
Ok, glass, hand out with (name of person or circle).
If you want to search something
Ok, glass, google (what you want to search).
If you want to search for photos online using Google image
Ok, glass, google photos of (whatever you want).
If you want to translate something
Ok, glass, say (text you want to translate) in (language in which you want your translation).
If you want directions
Ok, glass, give directions to (whatever you want).
If you want to ask Google glass any question
Ok, glass, (your question).
If you want to send message then
Ok, glass, send message to (name of person you want to send message).

Visit Google Glass website for more details