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Some awesome games on Facebook

Facebook is being used all around the world. This site helps you to connect with people in your life. This also allows you to play games for fun and entertainment. Some awesome and popular games are given below.

Baseball Heroes

Baseball Facebook game
Baseball Heroes was launched by Syntasia in 2012 and is very popular game. It got 5 stars from most users.

Angry Bird Start Wars

Angry Bird Star Wars Facebook game
This game is from Rovio’s inescapable game series. If you play it on Facebook you’ll get a kind of dashboard that will allows you to compete with your friends.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry birds Friends Facebook game
This is also published by Rovio entertainment. This version is released after Angry Birds Star Wars. This is among most played games on Facebook.


FarmVille2 Facebook game
This is another most played game on Facebook by Zynga. Almost 10 million users played this game.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

8 Ball pool

8 Ball Pool Facebook game
This game is also among most played games on Facebook and this is also played by almost 10 million users.
Play 8 Ball pool

I hope you'll like these games. Enjoy!