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Android devices can now translate different languages without internet connection using Google Translate

Google translate is available with offiline language pack for android.
We must connect our android device to internet few days ago in order to get translations of different languages but now Google Translate is available for android that support 50 offline languages. Now you can download and install Google translate on your android device and can choose and install up to 50 languages that are available for offline translation.

This is useful if you don’t want to connect your device to internet every time you want translation or if you are going out where internet connection is too slow or not available. This is also useful if you are going to visit some other country.
According to Google, offline version is not better than online version but it can translate some simple words or phrases that you can use.
offline languages are available for Google translate for android.
If you want you can use your device’s camera to get translation of written words on some board or on page as Google translate can read words in written form with the help of your device’s camera.
Download Google translate from Google Play.