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WhatsApp web, finally available for iPhone users too

WhatsApp web

Web client for WhatsApp can be used to send and receive messages using a web browser from your PC. This feature was introduced 8 months ago for Android users leaving the iPhone users to wait for this.

Finally wait is over and now iPhone users can also use web client without any hustle. This might be amazing news for all those iPhone users who were waiting WhatsApp web to power up their messages like it did for the android users.

Did you know? Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook is among biggest ones

How to sign in to web client?

Make sure your iPhone has active network and open the WhatsApp messenger and also open up the website on your PC’s browser.

how to access whatsapp web for iphone user

Tap on WhatsApp web, available in the settings page of the app.

whatsapp web QR scan

After tapping it WhatsApp will show instructions which will be hidden by simply tapping on the screen. Camera will be waiting for the QR code to scan it and sign you in to the web client.

Note: QR code will be available on the page that you opened in your browser.