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Skype - Unable to sign in and other errors (September 21, 2015)

Skype logo. Skype unable to sing in. can't connect.

Update: Skype access is restored and everything is working properly.

If you’ve tried to sign in to your Skype account but wasn’t able to do so then you are not the only one. Skype is having issues and Microsoft knows about them and is trying to fix them.

Actually they have spotted the issue which was causing sign in and some other errors and they are restoring access for everyone.


  • Some users were not able to sign in to their accounts. They are getting error message saying “Skype can’t connect.”
  • Some users were able to sing in but were not able to make calls or see whether someone is online or not.

Here is what Skype is saying:

We have identified the network issue which prevented users from logging in and using Skype today. We're in the process of reconnecting our users, and focused on restoring full service. The issue did not affect Skype for Business users.

Source: Skype heartbeat