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Now users can choose someone to manage their Facebook accounts when they die

Facebook finally have a feature known as legacy contact, which will allow user to choose someone as his/her legacy contact to control his/her Facebook account when he/she dies. Facebook is also giving option to delete user's Facebook account after he/she die.

Legacy contact will be able to change profile and cover picture of the memorialized profile. A profile is memorialized when someone dies and family member or any friend proves the death of the person to Facebook. Facebook can be informed about the death of someone from memorialization request page.

Memorialized profiles are not displayed in friends suggestion or in ads. Birthday of memorialized account is not shown to the users having such account as friend in their profile. If a person selects a legacy contact, after person's death, legacy contact will be able to change some aspects of the deceased person's profile. Legacy person will also be able to respond to incoming friend requests. Facebook will not allow legacy contact to post on deceased person's profile also he'll not be able to see messages of the deceased person's profile.

Facebook had a feature which allowed users to request for the look back videos of the deceased persons. Legacy contact will be able to download all the pictures, videos and posts uploaded by the owner of the memorialized account.

What is legacy contact?

Information regarding to this question can be found on Facebook's help center and you can visit it by clicking on the link given below.
Legacy contact

What are memorialized accounts?

Explanation on Facebook's help center page can be accessed using link given below.
Memorialized accounts

How to request Facebook to memorialize a person's account after his death?

You can make request to memorialized account by clicking on the link below.
Memorialization request