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2014 - Privacy is not safe

Privacy is not private at all in 2014

These days everyone uses social networks for connecting with friends and family. They provide good means of communications but they also have lots of information that you don't want to share with everyone. In this age of social networks, protecting our privacy is really essential. Recently snapchat got hacked and hackers managed to pull out information of about 4.6 million users. Usernames and phone numbers were published on web. One kind act of hacker was that he blurred out last two digits of numbers. But phone numbers were published which is not a good thing for a person who don’t want to share his number with someone.

How to make sure your privacy is safe?

There is no way to make sure that your privacy is safe online unless you don’t use any social network or even internet but that is not possible now. Everything is getting online so you cannot stay in caves anymore. You can make sure that your privacy is safe by sharing only things which are not too much sensitive.

There is also possibility that your service provider is tracking what you are doing online. But you can use some tools like Hot Spot Shield or other free alternatives like this to protect your privacy from your service providers.

Is there any way?

Yes there are certain ways to protect your privacy. Make sure that no one can access your accounts. Use strong passwords and Two-step authentication to increase security. If you want to protect some other stuff then go with encryption tools. Encrypt emails before sending.

Always protect your email addresses that you use to sign up for other websites because if someone gets access to your emails he can get access to all accounts that are connected with them.

You can read my old article where I suggested some tips to increase security of your social accounts.

Do not share too much personal stuff online. Keep your personal stuff encrypted or password protected.

Image by: Sean MacEntee