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How to create themes for Google Chrome

make theme for Google chrome for free without skills
Google Chrome is best browser and is being used by millions of users all around the world. There are many plug-ins and themes in Google web store and you can completely customize your Chrome browser as you want using those themes in web store. But mostly all themes are not better. You may want to make your own theme with your pictures and colors of your taste.
So here is guide how you can make your own themes for Chrome. You don’t need special skills because there is a plug-in that can make theme for you with only few clicks. You just have to upload your image and select colors that you want.

What to do for creating theme?

First of all download and install a free extension in Google Chrome named as My Chrome Theme.
You’ll need to login to your Google account to download and install this extension.

How to create theme for Google Chrome
After successful installation you’ll see its icon in Apps tab (open new tab in chrome and click on Apps at bottom).
Click on icon of My Chrome Theme to get started.
How to create theme for Google Chrome
After clicking on its icon you'll see page as shown above. Click on start making theme.
How to create theme for Google Chrome, select image from hard drive or from webcam
You’ll see a page with options for selecting your image (this works offline). You can select image from your hard drive or you can use your webcam to capture your own picture.
How to create theme for Google Chrome, preview theme and name it
After selecting image you’ll see your image as chrome’s background with three options in a frame like Chrome. Click on adjust image position to move image right or left etc or you can add some effect to your image. If you don’t like your image then use another image by clicking on third option.
After configuring everything here click on continue to step 2.

How to create theme for Google Chrome, change color of respective region
On step 2 click on blue colored brushes to change color of respective region or you can click on I am feeling lucky to get colors automatically. After adjusting colors click on continue to step 3.

How to create theme for Google Chrome, Preview and name your theme
This step will show you preview of your theme and you can give name and description to your theme from given boxes. If you don’t like something or want to change/edit something then you can click on back arrow on left side of screen to move to previous steps. But if everything seems good then give name to your theme. Description is optional but if you want you can describe your theme.
After naming your theme and giving it little description click on Make my theme.

How to create theme for Google Chrome
You’ll see a new page with different options from where you can install your created theme to your Google Chrome or you can share your theme with your friends.

I hope this helped in making theme for chrome with no special skills.

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